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The Hybrid® Movement RTH002

At the avant-garde of technology, the RALF TECH RTH002 Hybrid® mechanism sits at the crossing of two universes and combines the best of them. In brief, the Hybrid® movement is at the same time a quartz mechanism and an automatic.

In fact the Hybrid® system produces the energy necessary to function utilising the movement of the wrist. Such energy is then stored in an accumulator with a lifetime of 20 years. Working without batteries, this movement has a very low environmental impact and affords an extraordinary energetic performance: 100 million timepieces equipped with the Hybrid® system use less energy than a 100 watts light bulb !

The RTH002 Hybrid® is equipped with an ultra fast rotor that could rotate to up to 100 000 rounds per minute, 5 times faster than the maximum regimen on a formula 1 engine. This innovative system allows an unparalleled precision. On average, our RTH002 Hybrid® is 15 times more precise than a traditional automatic movement.

Fully charged, a watch equipped RALF TECH mechanism RTH002 Hybrid® works up to 180 days after you have carried for the last time and then restart in an instant, without hesitation.

RALF TECH has been using Hybrid movements since 2008.

The Automatic Movements and the Automatic Chronographs

All the RALF TECH Automatic Movements and Automatic Chronographs are internally modified ETA movements. Because of the size of our timepieces (47.5mm case diameter and 195 grams for a WRX Automatic Chrono), it is indispensable to modify the structure and the mass of the rotor in order to compensate the inertial energy generated by the weight of our cases.

The WRX Automatic Chronographs is equipped with RTAC001® based on a VALJOUX 7750.

The WRX and WRV Automatics use the movement RTA001® built modifying an ETA 2824-2.

So modified the WRX Automatic Chronographs and WRX Automatics can achieve a power reserve of 40 and 44 hours respectively.