Ralftech - Etanchéïté
One of the peculiarities of RALF TECH watches is to specify real values of depth, not theoretical, as do the majority of brands. The "ISO 6425 Dive Watches" standard is not only met but exceeded through extensive specifications and a specific control processes.

Our pressure test centre, based in Germany with HAUX (one of the few manufacturer of military decompression tanks), is one of the more advanced and modern in the world. It allows to immerse not only a single timepiece but also an entire diving suite with accessories. This affords us to see how the various parts of the equipment work together in an environment as close as possible to real conditions (whether civilian or military).

Our test tanks are capable to simulate diving conditions with the possibility to change environmental parameters: time of immersion, water temperature, salinity, magnetism levels of the immediate environment, and so on. All these markers allow us to carry out numerous trials and tests on our new projects without problems.

All these tests would be meaningless without a test in real conditions. For this purpose, our timepieces are tested daily by numerous military units and Special Forces that provide us with invaluable feedback on how to improve our watches.

Once again, in terms of experience and efficiency, RALF TECH makes the difference.